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Principal Guide and specialist in military history:

Jon's interest in the First World War was sparked as a young boy listening to the stories of veterans in his village. His interest in the military and the Great War increased and blossomed when he researched his own relative's actions and became fascinated by the part that they played. This fuelled his interest which subsequently turned into a passion.

Jon served in the Territorial Army for five years, furthering his understanding and knowledge of the military. He decided to follow his love of history by studying fulltime at Leeds University. Having completed his History degree in 2005 he took the decision to move with his family to the Somme and convert this passion into a career.

Jon started his guiding career part time at Knaresborough castle in Yorkshire. In 2006 he became a full time battlefield guide for the Musée Somme 1916 Albert,  before taking the decision to become an independent guide in 2013.

WW1 Guide:


Having studied history to A level, Alison actually pursued a career in Pharmacy but history remained a life long hobby. The passion for WW1 began some 25 years ago during a 1st visit to the Somme battlefield as "co driver" for Jon. What followed were twice yearly trips until opportunity arose to make the move to live and work on the battlefields in 2005. A place she is now honoured to call home. 


"I feel so privileged to be able to spend my days working at two of my loves. Whether guiding people to the iconic sites and sharing my love of commemorating the lives of all who bravely fought in WW1 or welcoming people to Old Blighty Tearooms, a place that I have lovingly taken from a disused barn to an established watering hole for weary pilgrims"

Jon Haslock

Alison Haslock

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